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A large section of the indian population is being targetted for radiation torture and suffer headaches, yet do not realize the cause of their problem. So there is a good demand for caps and hats in india which can shield the head and skull of indian citizens against the radiation torture, however awareness levels are low.Caps and hats suppliers can send their hats and caps for a listing and review

The indian government employees who are criminally torturing the domain investor and other citizens are aware of the fact that they are intentionally causing great pain, yet cannot be identified or held accountable, giving them great powers. When the torture of the domain investor started in 2010, the ntro employee told her indirectly that they were using infrared imaging to detect her position in the room and then attacking her, Though she is mostly away from Mumbai for 7 years, she is regularly tortured when she visits her home for a few days

Based on extensive research on the radiation torture weapons used by the indian security agencies, ntro for the last 10 years (since ntro is using them on her without a legally valid reason in a clear case of human rights abuses), after enduring great pain and health problems caused almost exclusively due to the atrocities of ntro, government employes who hate her, she is looking for caps with the following features to protect herself against the criminal government employees
Should cover the rear part of the head completely, since ntro is also targetting the upper part of the rear of the neck
material should be stretchable, preferably some kind of knit material
material should be at least 3 mm thick so that it reduces the radiation effect
knit material should be soft, so that it stretches easily and does not cause much damage to the hair when it is used and removed
cap should be washable in washing machine
the material should be color fast

In 2017, the domain investor had purchased a high quality cap for protection. Since then, though she has purchased many caps, they are not matching the quality, Hence any person who can supply custom made caps to protect the citizen against the radiation attacks of the well paid, cruel criminal ntro and other inhuman government employees. Please send your offers to