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While there a large number of caps and hats available in the market, only recently hat and cap manufacturers have realized how widespread the problem of radiation torture has become among indian citizens, especially those who are not well connected. While hats will cover the head, they are large, bulky and not made from very thick material, so do not offer much protection from the high power radiation weapons. They also cannot be easily carried from one place to another, especially if they are not very flexible as they are bulky

hats are mainly used as a fashion accessory at race courses and other social events. Men will usually wear top hats, while women are wearing more stylish hats. Hats are also worn by performers like magicians. In goa they are also extremely popular among tourists, women. There are many well designed hats available in attractive colors, with flowers. The hats are made from a material which is fairly rigid, so it is important to choose the right hat, which will fit the head properly

Another problem wearing the hat is that they usually have an elastic band, which is used to ensure that the hat will remain on the head, Removing and wearing the hat, can be fairly inconvenient, especially for a person who is losing a lot of hair. The hat will increase the stress on the hair, and more hair will fall out in clumps, increasing the rate of hair thinning

If the hat is used for protection again sunlight, during summer, it is advisable to choose a hat with a wide brim. In panaji, there are a large number of shops which are selling a wide range of hats and caps. Though the price of these hats, caps will vary depending on their design, usually the cheapest hat or cap available will cost Rs 100 each. Since the domain investor has been a victim of the torture of cruel criminal ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet for the last 10 years, she is suffering from great pain, regularly and requires hats to protect her head from the cruel government employees for whom torturing harmless indian citizens who cannot fight back, causing them great pain is a game.,

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